2007 Mardi Gras Lithograph



Hand-signed by the super star cast of The Sopranos

2007 MARDI GRAS LITHOGRAPH (Custom Framed) Add $1200

$1,200 "Only Available Framed" - Size Framed: Approx. 30” x 37"

So, HOW did the Cast of “The Sopranos” End Up Signing this Beautiful Angel Lithograph?

In late 2006 HBO’s mega-hit “The Sopranos” was shooting it’s final season. New Orleans was still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and renowned artist Michael Hunt was working on the second of his Angel of Hope trilogy. He dedicated the print to the people of the beleaguered city. Enter the late, great actor, James Gandolfini who was invited to participate in the Carnival celebration as it’s King. He agreed to sign 200 of the prints and recruited his cast mates to sign also. Sadly, due to Mr. Gandolfini’s untimely death in 2013, this ensemble will never gather together again. These last six prints capture a moment in time that is gone forever.